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The Earl Haig Parent School Council is made up of members of the local school community - parents, community members, students, teachers, non-teaching staff and the principal - who have or wish to have an impact on or input into the education of its students. The School Council creates a vital link among parents, community members, students and the school staff to share concerns, goals, and issues that contribute to success for every student.

The Earl Haig School and Parent Council:

  • promotes parental involvement in our school by providing a voice for parents and an opportunity for sharing information concerning our school, community and board issues,
  • makes recommendations to the principal or school board on any matter that affects student learning in meaningful ways, and,
  • advocates on behalf of students and the school through regular contact with the Board Trustees, Administrators and other schools in our area.

School Council Meetings

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September 2022

September 13, 2022 6:00pm - 7:30pm

School Council Meeting Agenda: Detailed Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Co Chairs – Susan Lee/Liesha Earle
  2. SAC Update – Elly Peng
  3. Principal’s Update – Ricky Goldenberg
  4. Sheri Kermani – Teacher’s Appreciation Breakfast
  5. Council Elections
  6. Specialty Program Policy Update
  7. Adjournment



  • CO-CHAIRS: Susan Lee, Liesha Earle
  • VICE CHAIRS (Collegiate): Sheri Kermani
  • VICE-CHAIRS (Claude Watson): Alice Ko
  • SECRETARY: Xin (Anna) Chin
  • TREASURER: Payman B. Bokaie
  • WARD MEETING REP: Richard Tiecher, Xuan Luc
  • Communications: Ling Chen, Shiva Petersoo
  • PRINCIPAL: Ricky Goldenberg
  • TEACHER REPS: Michael Canzi & Tara Lee Blight
  • STAFF REPS (Non-Teaching Staff): Lorena Ferrone
  • SAC PRESIDENT: Jason Wong
  • Aihua Yang
  • Albert Wong
  • Amy Charette
  • Corrine Lin
  • Farveh Ghafouri
  • Farzana Haque
  • Gina Om
  • Ioana Simone
  • Lisa Dang
  • Ming Ming Ren
  • Sabahat Anis
  • Susan Fuh

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